Basic Life Saver (BLS) Course

Adult Basic Life Support (BLS)


The Adult Basic Life Support (BLS) course is a standard course providing theoretical and practical training to care for a person: exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, an unconscious but breathing person and an unconscious person who is not breathing.

The class takes 2 hours and following successful completion of the course the participant will receive a certificate which is valid for one year.

what you will learn

1. How to recognise the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in a conscious person;

2. What to do if the casualty collapses and becomes unconscious;

3. How to deliver basic life support ‘CPR’ if the person stops breathing.


£35 per person

5+ Group Discount - 10% discount per person when booking as a group of 5 or more. Apply the offer code GROUP at checkout.


2 hours


William Harvey Heart Centre, Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6BG

Upcoming dates

Tuesday 27th August, 6-8pm

Sunday 1st September, 10am-12pm

Thursday 5th September, 6-8pm

Saturday 14th September, 10am-12pm

Sunday 22nd September, 10am-12pm

Tuesday 24th September, 6-8pm

Thursday 3rd October, 6-8pm

Sunday 6th October, 10am-12pm

Saturday 12th October, 10am-12pm

Tuesday 22nd October, 6-8pm

Sunday 27th October, 10am-12pm

Sunday 3rd November, 10am-12pm

Thursday 7th November, 6-8pm

Saturday 16th November, 10am-12pm

Tuesday 19th November, 6-8pm

Sunday 24th November, 10am-12pm

Sunday 1st December, 10am-12pm

Thursday 5th December, 6-8pm