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"Your work has been a major factor in our First Aid and AED training success, helping our staff to being confident First Aiders. I can confidently recommend BCLS as being experts in their field. “  Sue Ormsby, Hermes fund Managers Limited - Dec 2010


"The training was first class & our trainer Kosta, was excellent!"  Kate Earnshaw, The London Centre for Aesthic Surgery - Sept 2010


"Thanks very much - our guys really enjoyed the training and benefited from your instructors."  Todd Ellenbecker, Director of Sports Medicine ATP Tour - Nov 2010


"Just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for organising the basic life support course... pass on our appreciation to Juliana... she did a great job, very informative and well presented.." Sue Browning, Practice Manager, Josephine Lawson Physiotherapy Clinic - Nov 2010


“The course each year always maintains its high standard and I always look forward to attending to renew my First Aid.” Adam Riccio, AMR Personal Training June 2010


"This was a great course - really well-taught, enthusiastic trainers, an enjoyable evening and, I think, very accessible to everyone who attended. Thank you!” Dr AS (general practitioner). Sept 2010


BCLS Testimonials

"You’ll never know how you’ll react until it happens. A client's own story:

I signed up to Bart’s Life Saving course through my job a couple of years ago, and have never been so grateful for their impeccable training.

I was cycling in Japan with one of my dearest friends this summer when, right in front of me, Ray had a massive heart attack.  I didn’t hesitate.  The training was so ingrained that I was performing CPR within moments of him hitting the ground and I didn’t stop until the ambulance arrived.

Our trainer was excellent; his tuition faultless (from the theory to the practical), and he listened to all my “yes, buts”, “what ifs” and “if onlys.” He was re-assuring, of course, but also constructive and it meant so much to be able to ask detailed, almost clinical, questions to somebody who really knew what they were talking about.


I can’t stress enough that as many people as possible should go on these courses and learn one of the most important skills you could possibly have".

Helen Lawrenson

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