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Vincent McCaughan, Trainer


I got involved in the organisation after some of my very first teaching at medical school was given by the team at BCLS. I was impressed by the mixture of professionalism and the enjoyable atmosphere created by the trainer. At the end of the session he mentioned BCLS were recruiting and I knew I was in luck. Six months later after a rigorous training program I was out doing sessions all by myself. Outside of studying medicine and training with BCLS I play a lot of soccer and Gaelic football.

Our Team

The Charity operates through a dedicated team of passionate volunteers and part-time staff. Our trainers are all either fully qualified, or trainee healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors and physiotherapists. All are put through a rigorous selection and training programme to ensure that they have the skills needed to be really effective trainers.


We are committed to their personal and professional development and encourage all to grow and develop. We think they are great and think you will too. Find out more about them and why they work with BCLS below.


Note: If you are interested in becoming a trainer with Bart’s City Life Saver please contact Duncan, Operations Manager at

Niamh Whelan, Volunteer Team leader


Niamh has a degree in social care and worked in Dublin for several years before moving to London to train as a paediatric nurse. She is currently working as a paediatric staff sister at The Royal London Hospital.


She joined the charity as a volunteer in 2007, she now recruits, develops and supports the team of volunteers. With responsibility for the community arm of the organisation, she has driven the development and management the BCLS Patients Project since 2009. She enjoys running, surfing and travelling.


 “I work at BCLS simply because I have a passion for developing others and for resuscitation. “

Dominic Nelder, Trainer


Dominic is studying through City at Barts and the London to become an adult nurse on the post-graduate diploma course. He is a qualified teacher of history and has taught at secondary level for twelve years before making the transition to health care. He has also trained as an equestrian instructor and enjoys riding in his spare time. He is currently a trainer with BCLS and is working towards training in use of AEDs.


 “BCLS was by far the best of the life support training tools I have encountered, employing a rigorous method that really works to drive home the important aspects of bystander intervention.

Dominic Nelder - BLCS Trainer

Jo Wilson, Team Leader


Jo has a degree in Biological sciences and is currently a 4th year medical student at Bart’s and the London. She is currently training for the London Marathon to help raise money for BCLS. She also enjoys going to the theatre and recently started a book club with a group of friends.


“I joined BCLS to improve my presentation and teaching skills, both of which are important aspects of my course. I feel I have achieved these in my time here, and also been part of a friendly and committed team.”

Kosta Stoenchev, Senior Trainer


Kosta is currently studying medicine at King's College, London. He enjoys playing tennis, socialising, fine art and computer generated image (CGI) creation and animation.


“I joined the BCLS team initially as a volunteer before progressing to my current role as a Trainer. I am greatly attracted to BCLS by the shared dedication to a consistently high standard of training, and particularly enjoy being part of the supportive and social atmosphere within the organisation. These factors allow me to continually develop my knowledge and personal skills, and energise me to share this knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence with all participants during our interactive training sessions.”

Alae Ismail, Administrative Assistant and Trainee Trainer


Alae has just graduated in Biomedical Science from Queen Mary and would like to do her Masters degree in public health. “I love travelling and meeting interesting and inspiring people, I've also started learning Arabic which is really fascinating. “


 “BCLS is an amazing organisation and the people I work with are just fantastic. When I first joined BCLS I was told that you have the ability to grow as a person and that is literally what has happened. BCLS has allowed me to experience and learn so many things I didn’t think I could do and I am very grateful.”

Jonathan Pincott, Team Leader


Jonathan is currently a Medical Student at Bart’s and the London, who enjoys playing squash and cycling in his spare time.



“I work for BCLS because it gives me a chance to teach, and what better subject to teach than lifesaving skills. With BCLS I have developed my public speaking and leadership skills within their mentorship scheme.”


Nicholas Stafford, Trainer


Nicholas is in his second year studying medicine at Bart’s and the London. In his spare time he enjoys golf, snowboarding and climbing, having recently conquered Mont Blanc in France.


 “I joined Bart’s City Life Savers because I enjoy teaching and feel that being able to perform basic life support is a valuable skill and the more people that know how to do it the better! I really believe that BCLS’s approach to interactive teaching is the best way to learn or refresh lifesaving skills.”

Duncan Smith, Operations Manager


Duncan is a registered nurse with a background in coronary care and cardiothoracic nursing. He currently works as a Specialist Nurse in Critical Care Outreach and Resuscitation at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. Duncan is a Resuscitation Council (UK) Advanced Life Support Instructor and has been teaching resuscitation to clinicians and lay people for over 10 years.  Duncan recently spent two years working with Voluntary Services Overseas in Uganda, East Africa. As part of his role as a ‘nurse tutor’ he set up the first resuscitation training program for doctors and nurses in Uganda.


“…It is always a pleasure to support people in developing new skills; particularly when those skills are so important and could, potentially, save a life…”

Kiran M-Ray, Administrative Assistant


Kiran has a BSc in Biomedical Science from Queen Mary and is now doing a Masters degree in Development Studies at SOAS. She has a strong love of adventure, food, music and travel.


“The friendliness of all the staff, trainers and volunteers is what attracted me to BCLS. It’s great to work with such a dynamic team who really care about high quality training and helping save people’s lives.  The dedication and enthusiasm that the whole team has for their work is testament to what a great organisation it is.”

Henry Collett, Trainer


Henry is currently in his 3rd year studying medicine at Bart's and The London. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, golf, cycling, skiing and anything outdoors.


"I joined BCLS because I feel basic life support is something that needs regular refreshment in order for it to stay familiar. It also gave me the opportunity to gain some experience teaching in small groups. I really believe that as many people as possible should be able to perform basic life support and am glad to be part of a team that is working towards that goal."


Rebecca Oettle, Trainer


Rebecca is in her final year of the Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Nursing at City University. She previously studied BSc Biology at Durham University and MSc Control of Infectious Disease at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has a keen interest in tropical nursing. In her spare time she likes to travel and follows all things sporting.

Duncan Smith - BCLS Operations Manager Henry Collette - BCLS Trainer Rebecca Oettle - BCLS Trainer Vincent McCaughan - BCLS Trainer Kosta Stoenchev - BCLS Senior Trainer Alae Ismall - BCLS Trainee Trainer Kiran M Ray - BCLS Ben Goodman - BCLS Trainer

Ben Goodman, Trainer


After graduating from Durham University where Ben studied MSci Joint Honours Mathematics and Physics, He came to the City to work for a financial technology consultancy. At the same time, he started to develop an interest in healthcare and began to volunteer in his spare time with St John Ambulance, which is where his own training in Basic Life Support began. Eventually he opted for a complete change of career, an is now studying Medicine at Guy's, King's, and St. Thomas' Hospitals School of Medicine. It was here that he was introduced to BCLS by his coursemate and friend, Kosta (see above!).


"When Kosta told me about the great work that BCLS is doing, I was very keen to get involved, and I'm really happy to have been able to become part of the team".

Tony Newton, Trainer


Tony attended a BCLS course nearly 25 years ago and re-discovered the charity while searching for some basic life support training for his wife a couple of years ago. Hearing that BCLS was recruiting trainers, Tony decided that his dental training coupled with his teaching experience could be put to good use for an excellent cause.


Having given up clinical practice some years ago in favour of a career in journalism, corporate communications , and management education, Tony retains his links with dentistry as a trustee and now President-Elect of the British Dental Health Foundation. He is currently engaged in part time doctoral research at Durham Business School and has taught at many leading business schools, corporates and ‘not for profits’.

Tony Newton - BCLS Trainer

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