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We understand the need not just for technical competence amongst our participants, but also the confidence to use their skills in an emergency and the need for empathy at a time of huge stress for all concerned.


We believe that the human touch is vital in developing our course participants’ confidence and knowledge. This requires a good trainer-to-participant ratio and we never exceed 1:5. We want to help people to move from being passive bystanders to active lifesavers when they are faced with an emergency.


All our classes comply with the Resuscitation Council (UK) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) 2010 guidelines.

Adult Basic Life Support Adult, Baby and Child BLS

Our Courses

If you are looking to join a class as an individual, these take place at the medical school on Charterhouse Square London, in the evening or at the weekend so you don’t need to take holiday from work in order to attend.


If your business wants to train a group of people, we can organise training during the day, either at your premises or at the medical school on Charterhouse Square.  


Please contact us to arrange a group booking. 

AED Training Adult BLS + Anaphylaxis

All trainers are either fully qualified, or trainee health care professionals such as nurses, doctors and physiotherapists.


Our trainers all go through a rigorous selection and training programme to ensure that they have the skills needed to be really effective trainers.


We are committed to their personal and professional development and encourage all to grow and develop.

Who will teach you

What will you learn

Where & when will the classes take place

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Transforming Bystanders into Life Savers

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