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This standard course provides theoretical and practical training to care for the following emergency situations.


A person exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a heart attack

An unconscious but breathing person

An unconscious person who is not breathing


During a session you can expect to be taught:


1. How to recognise the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in a conscious person;

2. What to do if the casualty collapses and becomes unconscious;

3. How to deliver basic life support ‘CPR’ if the person stops breathing;

4. What information the emergency services will require when they arrive.


The class takes 2 hours and following successful completion of a course the participant will receive a certificate which is valid for one year.

No more than 5 people will be taught by each trainer.




1 person £30 Charterhouse Square 2 hours

5 people £150 Client Venue 2 hours

10 people £300 Client Venue 2 hours



2018 Course dates for individuals


Tuesday 12th December ,6-8pm


Thursday 11th January,  6-8pm

Tuesday 23rd January,   6-8pm


Saturday 3rd February,  10-12pm

Thursday 8th February,  6-8pm

Tuesday 20th February,  6-8pm


Thursday 1st March,    6-8pm

Saturday 10th March,  10-12pm

Tuesday 20th March,   6-8pm


Thursday 5th April,   6-8pm

Tuesday 10th April,   6-8pm

Thursday 19th April,  6-8pm


Saturday 5th May,  10-12pm

Tuesday 15th May,  6-8pm

Thursday 24th May,  6-8pm


Tuesday 5th June,  6-8pm

Thursday 14th June,  6-8pm
















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Adult Basic Life Support Course

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How to Book & Pay

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